Famous Crypto Analyst highlights three “High Potential” gems running on Binance Smart Chain

Over the years Binance ecosystem has been assisting individuals and firms to produce amazing decentralized exchanges and tokes.

Three of those are recently identified by famous New Zealander crypto enthusiasts Lark Davis. In a recent video on his youtube channel, Davis regarded PancakeSwap ($CAKE), Refinable ($FINE), and Smoothy ($SMTY) as “three low-cap, very interesting, very high potential Binance smart chain gems” that one wants to have on his/her radar. He pronounces that on account of exploding Binance ecosystem there is a ton of potential for investments on the network.

PancakeSwap ($CAKE)

PancakeSwap is AMM (automated market maker), a decentralized exchange operating on Binance smart chain network. In addition to trading, its various interesting features enable one to win, earn, and, exchange tokens on Binance smart chain network too.

Besides traditional ways of earning tokens, on PancakeSwap tokens could also be earned through yield farms, Staking and,  Syrup pools.

Citing sufficient daily volume and user base Davis suspected that the PancakeSwap will continue to go up the chart as it becomes more of a prominent decentralized exchange. Despite that, he did concede that its market cap is a bit behind Uniswap (third largest DeFi exchange, a step ahead of the former), whose (PancakeSwap) 24-hour volume is still half in comparison with Uniswap.

Refinable ($FINE)

The first-ever NFT marketplace on Binance; Refinable, capacitates the individual creators, together with, firms to easily create explore, exchange, and support NFTs.

Davis highlighted that, the people who like platforms i.e Refinable, still has the opportunity “to be able to come in and actually get a good share of the market”

Smoothy ($SMTY)

With regard to Smoothy, Davis stated: “a novel single pool liquidity protocol specialized in same backed assets with low-cost zero-slippage swapping and maximize interest earning.

He asserted that because of the infrastructure that smoothy offer, though it may not be as sexy and cool as of NFTs’, backed by Mr. Beast, but it is “the infrastructure that actually allows DeFi to work in a smooth fashion for people.”

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